Theme Options

All global settings can be found in ​Dashboard > Theme Options​. In addition, you can customize:


In "Styling" Tab you can edit: Page Transition (Enable Smooth page transitions), Theme Color, Heading Color, Text Color, Menu Items Color, Heading Size, Paragraph Size, Menu Items Size, Heading Font, Menu Items Font, Paragraphs Font.

Header & vCard

In "vCard" Tab you can edit: Header Background, Profile Image, Profile Name, Profile Short Description, Profile Information, Profile Skills Blocks, Profile Buttons.
In "Footer" Tab you can edit: Footer Text, Footer Text (Right), Socials buttons.


In "Blog" Tab you can edit: Blog page, enable/disable Categories, disable/enabled Post Excerpt, disable/enabled Featured Image, Social Share.


In "Portfolio" Tab you can edit: Portfolio Page, Disable Lightbox (on portfolio).


In "404" Tab you can edit: Title 404, Content 404.


In "Preloader" Tab you can edit: Preloader Text.
(Video instructions below):
Arter - how to edit global Theme Options
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