Theme Options

All global settings can be found in ​Dashboard > Kinsley Options​. In addition, you can customize:


In "General" Tab you can set up: Decoration Background, Decoration Background Icon, Elementor Lightbox, Smooth Scrolling, Social Links, 404 Title, 404 Content, 404 Button, Hide Preloader, Hide Preloader Counter, Preloader Logo, Preloader Logo Width, Preloader Line Height, Preloader Color.

Header & Footer

In "Header" Tab you can set up: Header Template, Footer Template.


In "Footer" Tab you can set up: Accent Colors, Text Colors, Background Colors, Typography Basic Texts, Typography Headings, Typography Menu, Buttons Color / Typography / Border, Breadcrumbs Color / Typography / Border.


In "Blog" Tab you can set up: Blog List: Sidebar, Layout, Featured Image, Categories, Details, Title, Excerpt, View Button; Blog Single: Disable featured image, Social Share.


In "Accommodation" Tab you can set up: Accommodations Page; Services Page; Accommodation List: Layout, Title, Featured image, Gallery, Excerpt, Details, Price, View Button, Book Button; Services List: Layout, Title, Excerpt, Price, View Button; Booking Popup: Enable, Title, Adults, Children, Check-in date, Check-out date.
(Video instructions below):
Kinsley - Powerful Theme Options System
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