Theme Options

All global settings can be found in ​Dashboard > Theme Options​. In addition, you can customize:


In "Styling" Tab you can edit: Base Background Color, Extra Background Color, Base Text Color, Extra Text Color, Base White Color, Theme Color, Base Font Size, Extra Font Size, Small Font Size, Heading Font Size, Post Heading Font Size, Full Slider Font Size, Half Slider Font Size, Paragraphs Font, Primary Font.


In "Header" Tab you can edit: Header Layout, Logo, Logo Size (Desktop), Logo Size (Mobile), Menu, Menu Button Color, Menu Sticky Color, Menu Items Size, Menu Items Size (mobile), Sub-Menu Items Size, Sub-Menu Items Size (mobile).
In "Footer" Tab you can edit: Footer Layout, Footer Heading, Copyright.

Single (Blog)

In "Single (Blog)" Tab you can edit: Post Content Layout, Post Background Type, Background Image, Background Animation, Title, Description, Button (Label), Button (URL).


In "Social" Tab you can edit: Social Links Type, Social Links.


In "Blog Title" Tab you can edit: Blog Title, Blog Page, Display categories?, Disable post excerpt?, Social Share.


In "404" Tab you can edit: Title, Content.


In "Preloader" Tab you can edit: Preloader Hide Logo.
(Video instructions below):
Oblo - how to edit global settings in Theme Options
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