Theme Options

All global settings can be found in ​Dashboard > Theme Options​. In addition, you can customize:


In "General" Tab you can edit: Sticky Menu Enabled, Hide vCard Panel on mobile.


In "vCard" Tab you can edit profile card: Background Image, Photo, Title, Subtitle, Social Links, Buttons.


In "Styling" Tab you can edit: Background Type(Image, Video, Gradient), Section Animations, Theme Color, Heading Title font / color / size, Paragraph font / color / size, Bottom Line color.

Blog Posts

In "Blog Posts" Tab you can disable/enabled: categories, blog subtitle, edit subtitle, disable/enabled post excerpt, show/hide featured image.


In "Portfolio" Tab you can disable/enabled single portfolio page.


In "Sidebar" Tab you can disable/enabled sidebar.

Google Maps

In "Google Maps" Tab you can edit API Key.

Custom CSS & JS

Your custom css and js code.

(Video instructions below):

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